Wildfire Resources

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During wildfire season, it is important to remain vigilant and kept apprised as new information comes in.

While CRDAC aims to share any news that comes to light, please know that the best source of information is through either the Government of Alberta or the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Here are some important guides, sites, and key information to stay informed:

Government of Alberta – Wildfire StatusVisit Website
Download AB Wildfire Status Application for Android
Download AB Wildfire Status Application for iOS
Government of Alberta – Be Prepared ProgramLearn about Emergency Preparedness
Prepare my pets
Prepare to evacuate
Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA)Download AEA for Android
Download AEA for iOS
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Emergency Management & Preparedness
Learn about Emergency Management
Learn about Emergency Preparedness
Download Conklin Emergency Management Plan
Download Conklin Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)
Download Emergency Guide
Quick Overview of CEMP in Cree or English
Download the Regional Plan (REMP)
Learn how to make a Household Plan
Go Bag Checklist ResourcesBuild an Emergency Kit (GoA)
Have a Kit prepared!
Download a Checklist
Build a vehicle emergency kit

Please remain vigilant in staying current on any regional wildfire situation by downloading the Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) on your phone. This is where you can learn if there are any evacuation alerts or orders.

Know the difference…

An ALERT means to be ready.

An ORDER means to get out.

Report a wildfire

CALL 310-FIRE(3473)

Please remember to reach out to your family members, friends, and neighbours, who may have difficulty in navigating websites and applications. We will continue to share any updates that RMWB provides to us.

Why should you have an emergency kit?

What goes in your emergency kit?

Emergency supplies should include food, water and liquids (approximately 4 litres per person, per day), medical supplies, critical records, first aid kit, sanitation supplies, and other items. You can check out the a full checklist HERE.