Ptarmigan Trailer Housing

DATE: January 2024

An announcement was released on January 26, 2024, to alert home owners in Conklin of an exciting opportunity for those who are experiencing home insecurity but situated on their own plot of land.


Wood Buffalo Housing (“WBH”) acquired over 30 Ptarmigan Court trailers from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (“RMWB”) following flood waters in a community park in April of 2020. The CRDAC has submitted a letter of interest to acquire any number of units available for the purpose of creating solutions to the housing crisis experienced in Conklin. WBH agreed to provide five (5) units to Conklin with the intention and condition that CRDAC use the trailers for social housing programming in the community, meaning that it could not be used on private property. Recently, the WBH has agreed to release the condition of use which allowed the CRDAC to consider these units for members of community that are experiencing housing insecurity on their own properties. Only one stipulation remains: that all units be moved by end of March 2024.

A Potential and Proposed Solution

With the release of the condition of use by WBH, the CRDAC Board has requested an expression of interest from community members interested in acquiring a trailer in replacement of their homes that are in dilapidated, unsafe, and unlivable conditions.

The CRDAC Leadership sees this as a unique opportunity for members of the community that are experiencing housing insecurity on their own property to solve the housing issue. This is a rare opportunity because most funding that is available through government and other agencies does not allow funding use for privately-owned properties.
An application is needed from CRDAC members interested in acquiring a Ptarmigan unit. There are conditions and eligibility criteria that you must meet to qualify. You can find the outline/criteria on the application.