Housing and Service Needs Estimation Community Report

DATE: November 2023

CRDAC in partnership with Rural Development Network (RDN) has compiled an update and released a newly updated report, the Housing and Service Needs Estimation Community Report (2023).

As we continue to to battle severe housing and homelessness crisis, this report has echoed the reality that the majority of Conklin is experiencing housing insecurity. There are many contributing factors that have perpetuated the harsh living conditions including lack of housing supports and lack of access to basic needs, specifically health and wellness as they are continued to be serviced in an ad-hoc way and that is layered with bureaucratic red tape.

The CRDAC and the community of Conklin invite you to read this report and call on all levels of government and industry to step in. The only way this crisis can be helped and solved, is if everyone can do their part.