Conklin Housing Advisory Committee

DATE: Ongoing

The new Conklin Housing Advisory Committee (CHAC)’s function will be responsible for making key policy recommendations to the CRDAC to add valued contributions related to how the housing project will be implemented, the resident selection criteria, and application processes.

Meet our Members of CHAC:

  • Stacey Atkinson, Director of CRDAC and Secretary of Conklin Métis Local 193
  • John Cardinal, Community Representative
  • Gwen Letendre, Secretary of Conklin Community Association
  • Ryan Powder, Community Representative
  • Valerie Quintal, Director of CRDAC and President of Conklin Métis Local 193
  • Velma Quintal-Nokohoo, Community Representative
  • Grace Richards, Community Representative
  • Paul Tremblay, Vice-President of Conklin Métis Local 193
  • Emile Winterburn, Community Representative


Bruce Clark
CHAC Community Housing Manager