Conklin Community Housing

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Conklin Community Housing
Intake Form

For individuals and families interested to apply for Conklin Community Housing through CHAC, please complete the Conklin Community Housing Intake Form (the “Application”). The Application is intended to be submitted online by either clicking “Submit Form” on the application or downloading the PDF Application and submitted to the attention of the Community Housing Manager at

If you do not have access to email, please contact the Housing Manager directly at (780) 714-4517 to make alternative arrangements.

It is our collective effort that every person in Conklin has access to a safe place to sleep each night.

When applying, please read all pertinent information on the housing selection process. Please make sure to read the Application Guideline in full prior to submission. These guidelines will help to ensure that your application is represented accurately. Please note that it is mandatory and the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that the application is accurate and reflective of your current situation including any changes in household circumstances. The Housing Administrator may ask the Applicant to provide proof of all claims made throughout this Application.

Selection Process for Community Housing

While it is a collective effort that every person in Conklin has access to a safe place to sleep each night, the purpose of the Conklin Community Housing Intake Form (the “Application”) is to help determine the need and priority of the Applicant on behalf of its household.

Identifying the Need

An application will only be accepted for review if the household is considered in Core Housing Need as defined and updated by the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (“CMHC”). Specifically, the household must demonstrate that their current housing situation does not meet adequate, suitable or affordable housing standards.

Further, only households that have income levels below the Income Thresholds (refer to Non-Market North for Conklin, AB), as updated and published by the Government of Alberta, will be accepted.

Identifying the Priority

A selection criteria has been developed to help identify priority by score which then CHAC will need to match to the current supply of housing.

Housing Supply

The CRDAC anticipates that pending construction progress, home delivery, and approvals/permits, occupancy will likely occur in Spring 2023 for 10 units out of the 15 unit subdivision at 159 – 163 Pine Lane. We are hoping that the remaining five (5) units at this residential site will be delivered and ready for occupancy by end of 2023. Again, while these are ambitious timelines, these timelines are deeply affected by many factors outside of CRDAC’s control such as municipal development approvals, permit applications and approvals, and construction progress, setbacks (including supply chain issues, severe weather conditions, etc.), and contingencies that can significantly contribute to unexpected delays.

It is important to note that according to a study completed in 2018, it was identified that 46 homes are in need to adequately address the housing and homelessness crisis in Conklin. As the residential lots are largely unserviced and large where subdivision is required, these are significant undertakings of residential developments and could have not been done without the support of our partners and community.