Conklin Continues to Battle Housing Crisis

Nov 29, 2023 | Press Release


While the Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee (CRDAC) in partnership with Rural Development Network (RDN) is pleased to announce an update to our Housing and Service Needs Estimation Community Report, it is disheartening news to our community and region that we continue to battle a severe housing and homelessness crisis.

The report establishes that 86% of survey respondents in Conklin are housing insecure. Many of them also indicated living with dependents under 18 and additional adults.

This report indicates that the majority of Conklin is not only struggling but are housing insecure. There are many contributing factors that have perpetuated the current harsh and worsening realities for the community of Conklin. They continue to negatively affect the social, economic, and well-being of the community. These factors include decline of housing supports, lack of basic needs, specifically health and wellness as they are continued to be serviced in an ad-hoc way that continues to be layered with bureaucratic red tape. Many essential services are still non-existent to this day. The CRDAC invites all political leaders and decision makers to Conklin to understand the struggles and the current work that is ongoing and where we could use your help.

The CRDAC and the community of Conklin call on all levels of government and industry to step in. The only way this will be solved is if everyone does their piece in solving this issue.



Morten Paulsen