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Wassassi park aerial photo

Wassasi Park Improvements

DATE: Ongoing

Wassasi (Small Bayside) Park and Christina Lake is culturally integral to Conklin and also the single point of access to the treasured lake for our community and residents. Given the significant importance of this area and with little to no maintenance, the CRDAC pursued the recreational lease and requested that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo transfer the lease. Historically and through a series of Community Betterment Sessions, the community of Conklin has identified the revitalization of Wassasi Park as a priority.

Road Rehabilitation

The CRDAC is evaluating the environmental and engineering needs of the road to ensure that the erosion issues are remedied and eliminate any risk of sediment feeding into the lake. A committee was established for the collaboration and implementation of a strategy to improve and incorporate a cultural aspect to the location.

The Revitalization

It is the intention of CRDAC to revitalize this essential park space for the community of Conklin including a rehabilitated road leading into an enjoyable park and recreational space with parking, picnic areas, non-permanent docking/launch area for non-motorized vessels, nature paths, public washrooms, and benches.

Our goal is to make this space accessible and functional in all seasons. A space where we can bring our families together and reconnect to our Métis roots.

Wassasi Park Initial Drawing/Concept for Community Input, January 2022

Culture Camp kids photo

Conklin Métis Culture Harvest Camp

DATE: Annually

The Conklin Métis Culture Harvest Camp is a highly valued annual event held by the Conklin Métis Local 193 with the support of CRDAC and Conklin Community Association. Its purpose is to bring the people of Conklin together, in unity, through culture and heritage. It is way where we can pass on our cherished traditional knowledge unto our youths and families, practice our rights as Aboriginal People (Métis and Powley), and preserve our spirituality. It allows for quality time of reflection and an overall sacred experience where we, as a Métis Community, unite and grow in positivity, respect, love, and confidence.

A truly successful Camp has always flourished on the spirit of volunteerism. If you are looking for ways to give back, be a part of the Culture Harvest Camp committee or become a volunteer at the event!

Have an idea to share with us or a service that you offer that can help facilitate the Camp? Have a special skill or a traditional activity that you can offer as a service? We always welcome any proposals, feedback, or input for the annual event.

Conklin Multiplex

Conklin Multiplex

DATE: October 2018

On October 20, 2018, the community of Conklin has participated in the long-awaited grand opening of the Conklin Multiplex. Since the original commencement of the project in 2014, the people of Conklin including young adolescents gathered on a bus to Fort McMurray to present their case and support for the Conklin Multiplex. The tremendous support of the community cannot be understated and should be attributed to the opening of the Multiplex. The grand opening boasted with proud community residents, Leadership, RMWB staff, RMWB Councilors, and a special visit by the Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Conklin Multiplex Free Punch Passes

DATE: Ongoing

As a gift exclusively for CRDAC members, the CRDAC is offering FREE punch passes at the Conklin Multiplex. It is a way to give back to our members and enjoy the facility – its gymnasium, fitness center, etc. at no cost. If you are a CRDAC member in good standing and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the application to get started.

Please note that effective 2022, yearly membership passes will only be approved once the punch passes have been utilized and demonstrated that a yearly membership is a more economical option.

Once the application is completed, please forward to for processing and further instructions.

We hope you enjoy this gift of healthy living!

Our organization thrives because of the many helping hands in our community. Do you want to get involved?