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Wildfire Resources for Updates

DATE: Ongoing

During wildfire season, it is important to remain vigilant and kept apprised as new information comes in.

While CRDAC aims to share any news that comes to light, please know that the best source of information is through either the Government of Alberta or the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Here are some important guides, sites, and key information to stay informed:

Government of Alberta – Wildfire StatusVisit Website
Download AB Wildfire Status Application for Android
Download AB Wildfire Status Application for iOS
Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA)Download AEA for Android
Download AEA for iOS
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Emergency Management
Visit Website
Download Conklin Emergency Management Plan
Download Know Your Plan
Download Emergency Guide
Asbestos.comAsbestos and Natural Disaster Guide

Please remain vigilant in staying current on any regional wildfire situation by downloading the Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) on your phone. This is where you can learn if there are any evacuation alerts or orders.

Know the difference…

An ALERT means to be ready.

An ORDER means to get out.

Report a wildfire

CALL 310-FIRE(3473)

Please remember to reach out to your family members, friends, and neighbours, who may have difficulty in navigating websites and applications. We will continue to share any updates that RMWB provides to us.

Conklin Multiplex Free Punch Passes

DATE: Ongoing

As a gift exclusively for CRDAC members, the CRDAC is offering FREE punch passes at the Conklin Multiplex. It is a way to give back to our members and enjoy the facility – its gymnasium, fitness center, etc. at no cost. If you are a CRDAC member in good standing and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the application to get started.

Please note that effective 2022, yearly membership passes will only be approved once the punch passes have been utilized and demonstrated that a yearly membership is a more economical option.

Once the application is completed, please forward to for processing and further instructions.

We hope you enjoy this gift of healthy living!

Secure Energy - landfill

Opposition to Proposed Landfill

DATE: November 22, 2019

On November 22, 2019, the CRDAC on behalf of the community of Conklin alongside its legal counsel successfully opposed Secure Energy Services’ (“Secure”) appeal of the decision of the development authority, the Subdivision and Development Appeals Board (“SDAB”), to develop a Class II landfill within 500 metres of the Hamlet’s boundary and within two kilometres of existing residences in Conklin.

The community of Conklin expressed many concerns of the site location namely the alarming distance to the community and the current use of site.

See below for a full review of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo SDAB decision.

PPE - masks

COVID-19 Community Response

DATE: Ongoing - URGENT

The CRDAC is in regular communication with all levels of government and is doing its best to provide up-to-date and relevant information to keep our community safe. Please see our news feed or visit our Facebook for the latest updates.

Christina lake

Christina Lake Water Monitoring

DATE: January 2018

The Christina Lake, a scenic and recreational lake, has been a part of Conklin and its history for many generations. As part of CRDAC’s mandate, it is our objective to ensure that we aim to protect the water, traditional ecological knowledge, and species ranging from walleye to yellow perch for many more generations to come.

Through this program, the CRDAC hopes to develop a water quality program including the installation of 16 shallow groundwater wells to help measure levels, identify any present contaminants, and collection of data that will ultimately help contribute to a fish health study. Residents are needed to help identify key locations around and/or on the lake as well as key items that need to be measured.

Our organization thrives because of the many helping hands in our community. Do you want to get involved?