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Celebrating Local & Indigenous Artisans of Conklin

DATE: Ongoing

The Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee (“CRDAC”) is looking to identify our local indigenous artisans of Conklin. If you are a member of the CRDAC and offer artisan type arts and crafts, we want to know and would love the opportunity to showcase this on our website. Here are some examples:

  • Bead work
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Children’s face painting
  • Decorative artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Home-made spices or jam
  • Home-made baked goods
  • And more!

Calling all local and indigenous artisans!

email us today

Please include any and all details pertaining to what you offer and wish to showcase! Please include photos or links to your Facebook page or website. Once we identify who our local indigenous artisan’s are we would love to have the opportunity to feature you and your work on the CRDAC website!

We look forward to hearing from you and identifying all our local indigenous artisans.

Conklin Housing Advisory Committee

DATE: Ongoing

The new Conklin Housing Advisory Committee (CHAC)’s function will be responsible for making key policy recommendations to the CRDAC to add valued contributions related to how the housing project will be implemented, the resident selection criteria, and application processes.

Meet our Members of CHAC:

  • Stacey Atkinson, Director of CRDAC and Secretary of Conklin Métis Local 193
  • John Cardinal, Community Representative
  • Gwen Letendre, Secretary of Conklin Community Association
  • Ryan Powder, Community Representative
  • Valerie Quintal, Director of CRDAC and President of Conklin Métis Local 193
  • Velma Quintal-Nokohoo, Community Representative
  • Grace Richards, Community Representative
  • Paul Tremblay, Vice-President of Conklin Métis Local 193
  • Emile Winterburn, Community Representative


Peter Fortna
CHAC Administrator
Email: peter@willowspringsss.com

Homelessness in Conklin

Indigenous Housing Initiative

DATE: Ongoing

The CRDAC is developing a housing plan to expand the supply of affordable housing in Conklin through its partnership with Cenovus Energy. As its initial phase, the CRDAC has pursued the subdivision and development of 159-163 Pine Lane which will support the construction of approximately 15 new single-family housing units.

Subject Area: 159-163 Pine Lane

Education and Training

As part of this exciting initiative, the CRDAC in partnership with Portage College and Cenovus is offering the Construction and Trades Readiness Program that provides 12 weeks of academic upgrading and 12 weeks of hands-on construction training of a tiny home!

Christina lake

Christina Lake Water Monitoring

DATE: January 2018

The Christina Lake, a scenic and recreational lake, has been a part of Conklin and its history for many generations. As part of CRDAC’s mandate, it is our objective to ensure that we aim to protect the water, traditional ecological knowledge, and species ranging from walleye to yellow perch for many more generations to come.

Through this program, the CRDAC hopes to develop a water quality program including the installation of 16 shallow groundwater wells to help measure levels, identify any present contaminants, and collection of data that will ultimately help contribute to a fish health study. Residents are needed to help identify key locations around and/or on the lake as well as key items that need to be measured.

Wassassi park aerial photo

Wassasi Park Improvements

DATE: Ongoing

Wassasi (Small Bayside) Park and Christina Lake is culturally integral to Conklin and also the single point of access to the treasured lake for our community and residents. Given the significant importance of this area and with little to no maintenance, the CRDAC pursued the recreational lease and requested that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo transfer the lease. Historically and through a series of Community Betterment Sessions, the community of Conklin has identified the revitalization of Wassasi Park as a priority.

Road Rehabilitation

The CRDAC is evaluating the environmental and engineering needs of the road to ensure that the erosion issues are remedied and eliminate any risk of sediment feeding into the lake. A committee was established for the collaboration and implementation of a strategy to improve and incorporate a cultural aspect to the location.

The Revitalization

It is the intention of CRDAC to revitalize this essential park space for the community of Conklin including a rehabilitated road leading into an enjoyable park and recreational space with parking, picnic areas, non-permanent docking/launch area for non-motorized vessels, nature paths, public washrooms, and benches.

Our goal is to make this space accessible and functional in all seasons. A space where we can bring our families together and reconnect to our Métis roots.

Wassasi Park Initial Drawing/Concept for Community Input, January 2022

Our organization thrives because of the many helping hands in our community. Do you want to get involved?