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Construction and trades readiness project

Construction and Trades Readiness Program

DATE: Spring/Summer 2021

As part of the Indigenous Housing Initiative, this exciting program offers 24 weeks of instruction/training to eight members of our community who will be building its first tiny home! The program consists of 12 weeks of academic upgrading including safety tickets and PPE and 12 weeks of hands-on construction training.

In 2021, the students constructed a tiny home, approximately 660 square feet, featuring a kitchen, living space, one bathroom, one bedroom, and a mechanical/laundry room. 

The tiny home design

Thank you to our partners Portage College, Cenovus Energy, and Rupertsland Institute for the success of the 2021 program.

Check out their progress below in photos!

Applications are being accepted for the new 2022 program. Please check out the announcement here!

CRDAC employment development

Training and Employment Development

DATE: Ongoing

Through its engagement and relationship with its industry partners and government stakeholders, the CRDAC ensures to communicate the needs of the Conklin community so that together we can positively influence individual and community growth through training and employment opportunities.

Culture Camp kids photo

Conklin Métis Culture Harvest Camp

DATE: Annually

The Conklin Métis Culture Harvest Camp is a highly valued annual event held by the Conklin Métis Local 193 with the support of CRDAC and Conklin Community Association. Its purpose is to bring the people of Conklin together, in unity, through culture and heritage. It is way where we can pass on our cherished traditional knowledge unto our youths and families, practice our rights as Aboriginal People (Métis and Powley), and preserve our spirituality. It allows for quality time of reflection and an overall sacred experience where we, as a Métis Community, unite and grow in positivity, respect, love, and confidence.

A truly successful Camp has always flourished on the spirit of volunteerism. If you are looking for ways to give back, be a part of the Culture Harvest Camp committee or become a volunteer at the event!

Have an idea to share with us or a service that you offer that can help facilitate the Camp? Have a special skill or a traditional activity that you can offer as a service? We always welcome any proposals, feedback, or input for the annual event.

Our organization thrives because of the many helping hands in our community. Do you want to get involved?