Project and Business Development Officer

Closing date: July 31, 2023

Position type: Permanent - full time

Status: Position Filled


The Project and Business Development Officer is responsible for understanding and successfully executing project deliverables of assigned CRDAC projects by the Chief Executive Officer. Working with industry, government, and the business community, this position will work to enhance business opportunity and development in Conklin through promotion, identification and maximation of local employment, business opportunities, and entrepreneurship.

Position Type/Hours

This is a position working approximately thirty (30) hours per week reporting to the Chief Executive Officer or designate.


The key responsibilities listed below is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities associated with the Project & Business Development Officer. Further, it should be understood that the role and responsibilities may change according to the situation, priority, and needs of the community.

Key Responsibility: Representation of CRDAC

Representing CRDAC as instructed by or in collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Attend meetings with various stakeholder groups including, but not limited to, local business community, community members, industry partners, various community and government and non-government organizations, and other various stakeholder groups;
  • Attend meetings and provide instructions on behalf of CRDAC to professional experts as necessary and advisable from time to time;
  • Foster meaningful relationships and interactions among various industry partners, executives, and other stakeholder groups while promoting and advancing CRDAC’s business development goals;
  • Promote and strengthen knowledge and awareness of economic and social issues or concerns among industry and other stakeholder groups; and
  • Act as a spokesperson for the organization in community, regional and public situations, as necessary.
Key Responsibility: Leadership

As directed by the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Enhance the reputation and profile of CRDAC within and outside of the community;
  • Provide leadership and vision to manage CRDAC in the interests of its members and stakeholders;
  • Develop processes and policies, subject to approval by the Board, to guide CRDAC’s business processes; and
  • Participate with the Chief Executive Officer in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the organization related to specific and assigned projects and business development. Review on an annual basis.
Key Responsibility: Project Management
  • Develop an appropriate project management database and become proficient in managing and maintaining such database;
  • Prioritize, enhance, design, and implement project priorities and key deliverables to ensure success of program/project delivery within a time-sensitive and demanding environment;
  • Implement and monitor project plans for all identified or assigned CRDAC projects and provide reports, recommendations, and resolutions to any identified issues or barriers on a prescribed basis;
  • Develop and update reports, documentations, schedules, financial budgets, and charts, as required for review;
  • Develop business cases and alternative approaches as required to achieve organizational objectives or goals with recommendations for review and analysis;
  • Coordinate internal and external resources and specific tasks and ensure availability, compatibility, quality for the efficient and flawless execution of projects;
  • Perform risk management analysis on a regular basis and identify any potential risks and/or threats to the schedule or the viability of the project and report and escalate its status to the Chief Executive Officer, as needed;
  • Provide excellence in planning and procedural management to ensure project activities remain on schedule and within the defined and approved scope of work and budget; and
  • Serve on committees as required and attend various meetings with industry, government/non-government agencies, other stakeholder groups, as required.
Key Responsibility: Business Development
  • Seek, evaluate, and promote employment and business opportunities in Conklin and promote business development to prospective industry partners, investors, and developers;
  • Raise awareness of the needs of local business and support and promote improvements to better the local business community;
  • Explore potential partnerships with other regions, communities, organizations, and key stakeholders, as needed;
  • Conduct research, collect data and relevant business information and inventory any new business opportunities and issues that are barriers to local business growth and development;
  • Work with industry and government to identify labour force needs within the community and develop analysis/report on an ongoing basis;
  • Maintain a local business list in accordance with any prescribed policy. Promote such local businesses to industry, neighbours, partners, and other stakeholder groups to enhance local business growth and prosperity;
  • Develop, update, and maintain a business inventory database and become proficient in using the database;
  • Research, develop, and coordinate tools, business related training courses/programs and resources for capacity building of community and business members and local entrepreneurs;
  • Foster meaningful relationships and interactions among various industry partners, executives, and other stakeholder groups that will lead to collaborative agreements, joint business development goals, projects, or ventures;
  • Prioritize opportunities, design and implement programs, services, and initiatives to capitalize on new business and investment within the community, and promote economic growth, development, and prosperity in Conklin;
  • Keep apprised of the local and regional business and economic climate in which CRDAC and its stakeholders operate;
  • Understand training needs for industry opportunities (employment and business) and support and/or implement the facilitation of the training in the Community;
  • Assist the CEO in evaluation of staffing requirements and participate in the hiring process, as needed;
  • Development, implementation, and execution of a business development strategy and business plan within CRDAC’s overarching mandate, vision, and strategy;
  • Serve on committees as required and attend various meetings with industry, government/non-government agencies, other stakeholder groups, as required.
Key Responsibility: Other
  • Maintain records, prepare reports, and general correspondence as required; and
  • Perform other related duties as required by the Chief Executive Officer.
Educational Qualifications and Experience
  • Post-secondary degree in business, economics, management, or related disciplines;
  • Minimum of five years of related experience with demonstrated background in business/ economic development, tourism, public relations, marketing, and managing positive relationships with government, community organizations, members of the business community, and other community stakeholders;
  • An equivalent combination of post-secondary education and direct work experience will be considered;
  • Experience in negotiation and development of business agreements, joint ventures is desired;
  • Must possess negotiation, investigation, mediation, and facilitation skills;
  • Experience in the not-for-profit sector is an asset;
  • Familiarity with financial and managerial accounting, basic accounting principles including capital and operating budgets, cash flow and financial planning, and reading financial statements is mandatory;
  • Proven experience in establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with key business, industry, and community stakeholders;
  • Familiarity with local indigenous history, cultures, and issues is a preferred asset;
  • Must have a working knowledge of business principles, standards and strategic planning;
  • Proficiency in computer applications (Microsoft Office) and business/project management software;
  • Ability to work independently as a self-directed professional as well as work in a team environment; and
  • Valid driver’s licence is required. Travel to attend meetings and events is expected.
Salary and Benefits

A competitive salary and comprehensive benefits including dental and vision care, extended health care, and life insurance.

How to Apply

Applicants should send a resume and a cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to preferably by Monday, JULY 31, 2023. This position will remain open until filled.

While we sincerely appreciate all applicants, only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in working with CRDAC!