Pre-Cadet Training Program 2024 (IPTP)

Closing date: February 20, 2024

Position type: Other

Status: Accepting Applications


National Indigenous Recruiting Initiative

Good day,

The IPTP is a national program that offers Indigenous candidates the opportunity to attend Depot for 3 weeks of training. The program is offered to Indigenous people from across Canada between the ages of 19-29 who are considering a career in law enforcement.

IPTP candidates will be hosted at the RCMP Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan, where they will participate in the “Introduction to Training” course. This program exposes them to applied police sciences, personal defence tactics, drill and other aspects of the academy experience.

In order for a candidate to attend, a security clearance is required. Fingerprints are needed in this application process as the candidates will be considered RCMP employees. Therefore, this letter is to inform that this candidate is planning to apply to the program and fingerprints form C216C (employment prints) are needed and the fee  is to be waived. Once completed please either give the candidate 2 copies of his/her fingerprints for the candidate to send them to me or send them via internal mail to my attention at Edmonton HQ.

Thank you for your assistance,

Alberta RCMP recruiting services
11140-109 Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 2T4