Steam Injection Well Control Incident Update

May 2, 2024 | Announcement

Stakeholder Update
May 2, 2024

As previously communicated, Harvest regained control of it’s Steam Injection Well located at 12-12-76-07 W4M in the municipality of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo on April 27, 2024. Once the well was secure and deemed safe, response efforts immediately transitioned to clean-up and continued environmental monitoring. The emergency level has been downgraded to an “alert” in consultation the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Overall clean-up activities and environmental will not significantly change day-to-day; therefore, stakeholder updates will be issued every Wednesday going forward until normal activities are resumed by Harvest. Should any significant changes occur, Harvest will provide updates outside of this schedule.

Site Clean-up Activities
  • Oil covered / stained infrastructure and equipment that was on-site during the release is being steam cleaned and moved off site or readied to be placed back in service.
  • Contaminated water and soils released hydrocarbons are being collected and shipped to a waste management facility.
  • Approximately 30 pieces of equipment are being utilized in the clean-up activities.
  • Approximately 44 personnel have been procured to date achieve clean-up objectives.
Off Lease Site Activities
  • A zone of heavily impacted vegetation has been identified directly around the lease site. Trees in this area are being removed by felling crews. Removal of trees will prevent animals from the rubbing up against them, nesting within them and allowing contaminants from washing to the forest floor during precipitation events.
  • Low impact techniques are being utilized whenever possible to minimize impacts to the forest floor and vegetation.
Wildlife Monitoring
  • Several animal species have been identified as occupants in the area, these include Woodland Caribou, Sora, American Kestrel, Black Tern Olive-sided Flycatchers, Pileated Woodpeckers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Canada Toads, Boreal Toads, Wood Frogs and Boreal Chorus Frogs. Wildlife deterrents have ben erected in and around the release area to discourage wildlife activity from entering. These deterrents include: Snow Fence, Eagle Decoys, Bird Guards, Flagging, Active hazing/ noise created by clean-up equipment and personnel operational 24hours/day, Drainage of retention ponds to create a less desirable environmental for birds.
    These deterrents, will continue to be maintained throughout the clean-up and monitored on regular basis.
Water And Soil Sampling
  • Water samples are being collected on a frequent basis and sent to a laboratory for analysis and review. These results will help Harvest determine appropriate clean-up area and procedures.
  • Four background soil samples have been collected and submitted for lab results.
  • Mapping of the immediate impact area and surrounding area is being produced on a regular basis to support clean-up planning and operations. Below are current maps response area and activities.

Below are the documents with all the information listed above – along with a map of the incident.