Steam Injection Well Control Incident Update #3

May 16, 2024 | Announcement

Stakeholder Update from Harvest Operations Corp.
May 16, 2024

Dear Community Members,

As we enter our third weekly update on the emergency response efforts, Harvest continues to establish the impacted area footprint, while simultaneously is focused on the cleaning up of the most heavily impacted areas. In following the previous Stakeholder updates, we will highlight the changes that have occurred this past week in the following four categories.

Site Clean-up Activities
  • Clearing of the impacted vegetation is complete. The woody debris and shrubs are being mulched in heavily impacted vegetation areas around the lease. This material is being used to stabilize waste for disposal.
  • Hauling and disposal of waste stored on lease began today.
  • Cleaning of third-party equipment and on-site infrastructure continues in prioritized order.
  • Free-standing water and fluids on the lease and surrounding areas have been removed and will be maintained as required.
Wildlife Management
  • The schedule for hazing has been reduced to 12-hour windows, whereas those resources have been shifted to day hazing. We are bringing in more equipment and personnel to increase the presence of hazing. This has so far been successful in deterring the Caribou.
  • Increased the number of wildlife deterrents and we are moving them around every 2-3 days to disrupt any patterns wildlife has established around the perimeter of the moderately impacted vegetation.
  • Retention ponds have been drained and will be monitored to ensure a less desirable environment for birds is maintained.
Vegetation Impact
  • Harvest is working closely with the AER to assess the footprint of the impacted vegetation. We are sampling and assessing based into now four grades of impact; very lightly misted, lightly misted, moderately misted, and severely misted areas.
  • Areas that require additional assessment before the degree of contamination can be confirmed.
  • Very lightly misted area is affecting approximately 5,253,064 m2.
  • Lightly misted area is affecting approximately 1,144,503 m2.
  • Moderately misted area is affecting approximately 439,412 m2.
  • Severely misted area is affecting approximately 137,467 m2.
  • Approximate release area boundary 9,305,615 m2.
  • We are working to preserve as much vegetation as possible, and this detail will be a part of the remedial plan that we are developing. This means vegetation removal along cutlines and open areas should be conducted using hand tools to mitigate further disturbance. Maintenance of the moss layer is imperative.
Watercourse Impact
  • Due to current conditions the wetland complex is very dry, the areas sampled are the only locations where water or ice was present for sampling activities along the unnamed ephemeral watercourse.

Going forward Harvest will be publishing the stakeholder update bi-weekly. the work has become normalized, and progress will be focused for the next few weeks on disposal, mulching, assessing impacts, and developing a remedial plan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be contacted at 403-268-6597 or


Carmen Brown