Ptarmigan Trailer Housing Opportunity

Jan 26, 2024 | Announcement


The Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee (CRDAC ) is accepting applications from homeowners to determine interest in acquiring a trailer in replacement of their homes that are either in dilapidated, unsafe, and/or unlivable conditions.


Wood Buffalo Housing (“WBH”) acquired over 30 Ptarmigan Court trailers from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (“RMWB”) following flood waters in a community park in April of 2020. The CRDAC has submitted a letter of interest to acquire any number of units available for the purpose of creating solutions to the housing crisis experienced in Conklin. WBH agreed to provide five (5) units to Conklin with the intention and condition that CRDAC use the trailers for social housing programming in the community, meaning that it could not be used on private property. Recently, the WBH has agreed to release the condition of use which allowed the CRDAC to consider these units for members of community that are experiencing housing insecurity on their own properties. Only one stipulation remains: that all units be moved by end of March 2024.

A Potential Solution

With the release of the condition of use by WBH, the CRDAC Board requests expression of interest from community members interested in acquiring a trailer in replacement of their homes that are in dilapidated, unsafe, and unlivable conditions.

To place the trailers, the homeowner must possess adequate and usable space to accommodate the Ptarmigan unit. Once the trailer hook-up and servicing is the current dilapidated home may need to be demolished. While CRDAC will cover the cost of transporting and placing the trailers, the costs of demolition of the existing home will be the responsibility of the homeowner. CRDAC has set up a demolition repayment program to assist those who cannot pay for the cost of the demolition (the “Program’). The Program allows CRDAC to pay the demolition costs subject to the homeowner reimbursing CRDAC through monthly payments.

The CRDAC Leadership sees this as a unique opportunity for members of the community that are experiencing housing insecurity on their own property to solve the housing issue. This is a rare opportunity because most funding that is available through government and other agencies does not allow funding use for privately-owned properties.
An application is needed from CRDAC members interested in acquiring a Ptarmigan unit. There are conditions and eligibility criteria that you must meet to qualify. You can find the outline/criteria on the application.

Please make sure to read the application in its entirety.

Deadline to apply is Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 12:00 a.m. (MT)
Please submit your application to

Any applications received thEreafter will not be reviewed or considered.
Types of Units Available

In total there are five (5) modular home units available, three 3-bedroom and 2-bath, one 3-bedroom and 1-bath, and one 2-bedroom and 2-bath.

Unit No.No. of Beds/BathsSquare FootageFloor Plan (W x L)
Unit 13-bedroom, 1-bath96016′ x 60′
Unit 23-bedroom, 2-bath1,08815′ 10″ x 68′
Unit 33-bedroom, 2-bath1,23222′ x 56′
Unit 43-bedroom, 2-bath1,23222′ x 56′
Unit 52-bedroom, 2-bath1,08018′ x 60′

We have included some details that were made available to us and this would include floor plan and/or other details. All units are deemed in good condition and the homeowner is required to accept the condition of the unit, as is.

Selection and Special Considerations

While this is a great and unique opportunity to address housing insecurity for property owners, there are only five units available. Scoring will be necessary to determine the need and priority of each applicant. Special considerations will be made by CRDAC’s leadership for the most vulnerable groups: Elders (65+), single parents, and those with disabilities. If either of these conditions ring true to your current situation, please ensure it is correctly stated within the application. Please note that while some questions provide the option of “prefer not to answer”, please note that in some circumstances it may affect your priority score.

Contact and Submission

If you would like help filling in this Application, please contact the Community Housing Manager who can assist you with filling in the questions. Any questions on this Application or require further assistance, please contact:

Bruce Clark, Community Housing Manager or (780) 714-4517

Bruce will also be available at the CRDAC office on February 2 and February 9 for those who wish to meet in person and to go over your application. We strongly urge you to contact him directly to arrange a time that works best.

If you are interested but have some questions on the process or program, you may also reach Scott Duguid, CEO, directly at (780) 264-8232.