Poll: Naming of Street at 159 Pine Lane Subdivision

Aug 3, 2023 | Announcement

Thank you to those who have participated and suggested names for the new subdivision at 159 Pine Lane.

Here is what you have said so far….

Birch Close
Alpine Close
Lake View Close
Aspen Close
Pe Kiwe Close (meaning: Come Home)
Wakotowin Close (meaning: All Related/Connected)
Tawâw Close (meaning: There’s room, Welcome)
Blue Jay Close
Jack Pine Close
Spruce Tip Close
Poplar Close
Mitos Close (meaning: Poplar)
Willow Close
Nipisiy Close (meaning: Willow)

As you may have noticed, the street name will need to end in Close. The suffix is determined by the RMWB’s Community Identification Committee (“CIC”) and in accordance to their policy.

For reference, we are also providing you a copy of the current Assigned Names Inventory that contains the list of names that are already assigned in the community of Conklin. The RMWB has also provided a list of Unassigned Names Inventory which is a list of potential names and their descriptions that may potentially be used.

POLL TIME! What is your favourite? There are a number of ways you can let us know:

Visit our Facebook Group site and find the poll and vote!
Email info@crdac.ca and submit your vote!
Call the office at (780) 559-9107 and submit your vote!