Poll #3: Naming of Street at 159 Pine Lane Subdivision

Sep 1, 2023 | Announcement

Thank you to those who have participated and suggested names so far for the new subdivision at 159 Pine Lane.

The Leadership would like to thank everyone who has participated to date. Your names have been added for a special draw where 4 individuals will be picked to receive a $25 Petro Card as a token of appreciation. After reviewing the poll, the CRDAC has compiled the top five final choices for the final poll, in no particular order:

Which one is your favourite?

  • Jack Pine
  • Lake View
  • Poplar
  • Wahkotowin
  • Blue Jay

You may be wondering why the “Close” suffix has been dropped. Well, it hasn’t completely gone away but we do have an update for you! We have heard loud and clear this suffix “Close” was not a favourite among the Leadership and Community. The CRDAC is working with the RMWB to have an opportunity in changing that suffix. Importantly, it does come down to RMWB’s decision, however, they will allow us to do a presentation in the next month or so for the Community Identification Committee to defend our plea to have it changed to the name of choice (above) and with the suffix of Place instead of Close.

Following our presentation, the decision will be determined by the RMWB’s Community Identification Committee (“CIC”) and in accordance to their Policy.

What are the next steps?

After we determine a favourite among the five top choices, the CRDAC will submit a nomination request form with this name and the preferred suffix of Place. Once this has been submitted, the RMWB will ask CRDAC to attend a meeting to defend this preferred choice.

How to Vote? There are a number of ways you can let us know:

Take the survey ONLINE created by SurveyMonkey!
Email info@crdac.ca and submit your vote!
Call the office at (780) 559-9107 and submit your vote!
Respond by text when we send out this Announcement using our mass texting service!
Attend the CML 193 Meeting on September 5 and place your ballot!

Please submit your vote by end of day on September 5, 2023.