MEG Christina Lake Regional Project Security Gate Changes

Feb 14, 2024 | Announcement

What’s Happening

In an effort to reduce safety hazards for MEG employees and all local stakeholders, MEG is updating its traffic process at the main security gate.

The update will be effective March 1, 2024, and will include the addition of two lanes for inbound and outbound traffic.

The inbound lane will include new stop signs for MEG-specific traffic, requiring a stop and check-in process with security. The outer lanes will be flow through lanes for local stakeholder access and will include updated signage with requirements to reduce speed to the mandatory speed rates of 15KM per hour.

Action Required

All MEG employees, contractors and site visitors will be required to stop and check in with security. All local stakeholders, not visiting MEG sites, are also encouraged to check in with security but will not be required to stop.  Signage will be posted stating requirements to slow down to 15KM per hour and use caution when proceeding through the outer flow through lanes.


For questions or to discuss further, please contact Nicole Wiedman at or Jaime Bridges at