COVID-19 crisis update to all members

Mar 28, 2020 | Announcement

As the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 crisis are continuing lo evolve the CRDAC Leadership will continue to respond and address our membership as necessary. Please ensure that you are added to our calling list or are following our CRDAC Membership Facebook page to keep yourselves apprised of any updates.

CRDAC has been working diligently on how we can provide support during this unprecedented time. With the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the CRDAC Leadership have passed a resolution to allocate all necessary Culture Camp
supplies to households that have been advised by Alberta Health Services (AHS) to Isolate or quaranllne due to COVID-19.

Currently. we are awaiting Items to put together which will consist of a cleaning and sanitizing producL The packages will be distributed as they come available.

We have also stocked the Cultural Camp rood supply with dry goods, canned goods, some medications, toilet paper and water In the event that a household is advised by Alberta Health Services to go into quarantine and you do not have the capability to go grocery shopping, we will be able lo provide some basic staples.

If this is your circumstance and you are required to isolate or quarantine as advised by AHS, please contact or call Kim at 780-799-9761.

The virus Is spread through contact with infected people. The best prevention for this is to STAY HOME and not go visiting.
Keep your SOCIAL and PHYSICAL DISTANCING which is 6 feet apart and WASH HANDS frequently to prevent the spread of this illness.

SELF-ISOLATE if you’re feeling sick.

COVER Coughs & Sneezes and Avoid touching your FACE

Keep informed on updates lrom Alberta Health Services. RMWB, the Province and Country via ONLINE, TV and RADIO and share the information with your family members.

If you have concerns about your health relating lo COVID19 call 811 or for further info visit Alberta Health Services at www.A!berta,ca/COVID19

Another helpful website is Public Health Agency of Canada