Connecting with Elders

Feb 24, 2023 | Announcement

An Announcement from Conklin Community School

Conklin Community School will be starting activities toward the end of March until mid-June. These are cultural activities and programs designed to connect Elders with the school programming. It would require Elders to be at school for two hours a day twice a week. This would be a total of four (4) hours a week.

We are asking any Elders who would like to participate in our cultural programs to contact the school and provide your name and number.

We would be very happy to connect with you. If you have any interest in providing assistance to the school and students in any or all of the following ways, please let us know:

Cree Syllabics
Teaching Cree
Fiddle Music

Please let us know by March 15, 2023 so we can contact you to see where you can connect with our school and students.

256 Northland Drive, Conklin, Alberta, T0P 1H1
(780) 559-2228