Community-Wide Housing Engagement

Jun 15, 2021 | Announcement


The CRDAC is pleased to announce that a community-wide engagement will be held for the opportunity for our members to provide input on the progress to date, the establishment of a Housing Selection Committee and its roles and responsibilities, and the overall application process.

We want your input on the future of housing in Conklin! The virtual engagement sessions will be held throughout:

Tuesday, June 8 to Friday, June 25
Virtual Engagement*

*Our virtual engagement will be held using the ZOOM platform. ZOOM allows residents to join by telephone, one-tap-mobile, or online. Internet connection is not required. Each engagement session will have up to ten (10) participants and will take approximately two (2) hours. A door prize of $50 will be given away at each session!


Please contact Kim Desjarlais at or (780) 799-9761 to register for one of the available time slots. All Conklin residents are eligible for participation.

Visit our events calendar for dates and times.