Caribou Habitat Indigenous Participation Program

Sep 1, 2023 | Announcement

Participants Needed!

Through the partnership of TC Energy (TCE) and Caribou Habitat Indigenous Participation Program (CHIPP), TCE is looking for two participants from Conklin Metis Local 193 to join the North Hangingstone work that is being done by their environmental consultants, Triton Environmental.

Map of Area

What is Involved?

This will take place on September 5 through 7. A daily stipend will be provided to the participants. Once a candidate has been confirmed, Triton will reach out with more information including contract and insurance requirements, meeting points, detailed scope of work, and contact information.

A day could include flying in helicopters or travelling in trucks and argos, and a lot of walking around in nature and looking at living things (lots of vascular plants, mosses, and lichens).

About the Project

TCE’s Nova Gas Transmission Line (NGTL) developed the CHIPP in 2020 as a pilot project in response to the CER filing requirements and feedback from Indigenous groups. The CHIPP was developed to provide opportunity for Indigenous participants to receive in-field training to complete habitat restoration (planting), vegetation monitoring, and access management monitoring for NGTL projects in caribou ranges. The CHIPP provides an opportunity for participants to become familiar with NGTL’s caribou habitat restoration initiatives and contribute Indigenous perspectives, insight, and feedback to improve NGTL’s monitoring programs. 

Interested in Participating?

Please contact Kim Desjarlais at (780) 799-9761.