A Holiday Message from CRDAC

Dec 21, 2021 | Announcement

Dear Conklin Community

The CRDAC Leadership and Administration wishes you a peaceful and joyous Christmas!

We know 2021 was a difficult year full of COVID challenges, but as a community we still have much to be thankful for. 

Here are a few things on our list for this holiday season:

  • To the many donors and friends of our community who help to make Christmas special.
  • To Syncrude Canada for the Turkey donation for each household, much appreciated!
  • And to CNRL for your toy drive that was donated for children 0-8 years old.
  • To all the other organizations that make our events possible. A huge thanks to CCES, RMWB and to the staff at the Multiplex for all your help at our events.
  • To CML 193 for the outdoor Christmas decoration to help brighten our yards, to CCA and CML 193 for jointly hosting the Don Burnstick’s comedy show , laughter is truly good medicine and fun was had by those that could attend, plus CCA had Santa there to give a gift to the children.
  • A big thank you to CCA for the food hampers and CML 193 for the Meat packs and adding a Ham roast for your holiday dinner and we cannot forget IGA out of LLB for supplying the nutritious food that we purchase.
  • Also watch for Santa as CML 193 will be bringing him to your door for an early Christmas gift for your children.

And our community stepped up in 2021.  We should be proud!  After some struggle, we received a full shipment of vaccines to keep us safer.  But that didn’t always overcome the emotional difficulties that some of our community members faced.  Now however, we have weekly visits from mental health support people.  Please, if you are having difficulties this season, let someone know. Help is available. 

With funding from CRDAC and help from various community members and businesses, we got our first new house built.  After regulatory approval comes in, we plan to build many more. A housing committee has been struck and its members will be working in the new year to make decisions about new housing based on need.  We’ll keep you posted.

Remember, CRDAC is giving away free family passes for the Multiplex!  These are guest passes designed to ensure that visiting family members get to enjoy the Centre.  If you need some, please click HERE for more information.

We know that there is another strain of COVID on the way.  We hope it’s not serious, but your community is planning for it.  Please stay tuned, especially to provincial announcements, for updates on COVID.  Do everything you can to make this a safe holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in Conklin!