The Conklin Resource Development Committee (CRDAC) is a transparent and elected organization that exists to represent the needs, interests, and aspirations of the Conklin community. It acts as a single point of contact for government and industry to engage with our community on social, environmental, cultural, and economic interests.


Our role in the community centers around promoting communication, relationships and working together with industry to manage the issues and concerns of Conklin with regards to the direct and indirect impacts of rapid and largely unregulated resource development, and to promote the well-being of Conklin and its residents in the face of this development.

The CRDAC’s main areas of responsibility are relationship building, effective regulatory process engagement, community engagement and negotiating agreements.

We also believe that our community can benefit from the shared prosperity that comes from resource development and associated activities. We seek out partnerships and opportunities to facilitate that economic development.


Conklin is a northern and rural hamlet in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The community is situated approximately 155 kilometers southeast of Fort McMurray and consists primarily of Métis people who can trace their history to the late nineteenth century. Conklin is recognized as a “Métis Harvesting Community” in the Government of Alberta Métis Harvesting Policy and continues to actively promote their unique Métis culture through organizations such as the Conklin Métis Local #193 and Conklin Community Association.

Our Vision

Through shared leadership, trust and attainment of goals, a better life for all and a sustainable environment for generations to come.

Our Mission

To create a one-window interface to ensure both the vested interests, needs and expectations of the Conklin community, and the business objectives of industry are addressed in a collaborative, efficient and constructive manner.

Our Mandate

To work together with industry and government to manage the issues and concerns of Conklin with regards to the direct or indirect impacts of increasing rapid and largely unregulated resource development & to promote well-being of Conklin and is residents in the face of this development.

Our Values

1. Openness

The CRDAC aims to be an organization that welcomes the community, team and board with its openness to be in constant engagement and communication. It is important to everyone feels comfortable and welcomed to express their opinions, questions or feedback freely and without prejudice.

2. Respect

The CRDAC treats our community, partners, stakeholders, board and team members with mutual respect and sensitivity while recognizing the importance of diversity. The CRDAC respects all individuals and values their contributions and acknowledges that our community’s acceptance is vital to our ability to operate and will continue to strive to answer Conklin’s most vital needs.

3. Honesty

The CRDAC believes honesty is the foundation of relationships built on trust and faith. The CRDAC will continue to operate at the highest level of honesty and integrity, aiming to do the right things for the right reasons.

4. Faithfulness

The CRDAC is committed to remain faithful to its members and community that is fully representative of the best interest of Conklin and its people.


All persons who were members of the CRDAC in accordance with Bylaw #1 dated June 23, 2010 shall continue to be members of the CRDAC.

New Applicants

Applications for membership in the CRDAC may be submitted by persons who are eighteen (18) years of age and are: Members of Conklin Métis Local #193 who are ordinarily resident in the community of Conklin, identified as Category “A” members; or Eligible voters in the Conklin Community Association election held most recently before an application for membership is submitted, identified as Category “B” members.

Categories of membership relate only to the process of establishing membership and have no other impact on the rights of CRDAC members. All applications for membership in the CRDAC shall be submitted using the following forms:


The CRDAC, a society under the Societies Act, is a not-for-profit organization consisting of a combination of appointed and elected Board of Directors: including the President and two (2) other members of the Executive of Conklin Métis Local 193; the President and two (2) other members of the Executive of Conklin Community Association; and One (1) elected Métis Elder of the community.


• Valerie Quintal, President of Conklin Métis Local 193 and CRDAC Board Director
• Shirley Tremblay, Director of Conklin Métis Local 193 and CRDAC Board Director
• Stacey Atkinson, Secretary of Conklin Métis Local 193 and CRDAC Board Director
Paul Tremblay, President of Conklin Community Association & CRDAC Board Director
• Margaret Quintal, Treasurer of Conklin Community Association & CRDAC Board Director
• Grace Richards, Membership Director of Conklin Community Association & CRDAC Board Director
• Yvonne McCallum, Elected to CRDAC Board of Directors representing as Métis Elder


THANK YOU to our volunteers, committee members, and members of the community who have generously provided their time, effort, and dedication to our community events and projects. We appreciate you and everything you do for the community!

Our organization thrives because of the many helping hands in our community. Do you want to get involved?